Most people have heard of it, but when we decide to inform our clients about the benefits of SEO-ing in their company, the general response is ,’Huh? ESO, OSE… what?’

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Basically, SEO-ing is making your website appear towards the top of a search page on Google. Think about this: do you usually scroll onto the second google search page when looking for something? Most of us usually don’t. Not because we are just lazy human beings, but because that information tends to become quite irrelevant to what we are looking for.

For instance, if you search up ‘creative advertising companies’, the top result is going to have the greatest search engine optimisation. The following search page however, may have websites that contain a blog or two encouraging you to be your own creative advertiser. Of course, this may be somewhat helpful, but it is clearly not the most helpful resource in relation to what you searched.

To achieve effective SEOs, it takes an extensive amount of effort and time. If you want your website to be popular, there are certain measures you must take. You simply can’t expect to write irregular blog posts on a Weebly site and then gain thousands of views by the next week. Although we may wish that was the reality, it isn’t, and in such a competitive world, there are certain measures that must be undertaken to make your website a popular one.


Okay, so you might be a blogger, looking to gain an audience to gain some income, or you could be a company in need of some more clients. I’ll reiterate what I have already mentioned; you cannot make any money by not using search engine optimisation. At the beginning, a company or blogger can only gain recognition from their friends or family, as they are the only people who are going to know about it. However, if you utilize SEO-ing, then your website becomes advertised, meaning people you don’t know are getting to see it. When you get to view your website statistic and receive a like from someone you have never heard of, that’s pure gold… unless you don’t want anonymous people seeing it, then you might find it creepy.

There are several different methods you can use to optimise your search engine appearances below. Some of them may not seem as simple as you may have expected, but with marketing and journalism competition, laziness is never an option.